Karola Pavone, Soprano (background image)

“…Karola Pavone commands, along with a very well-controlled and full voice, those qualities which a deep mastery of the highly complex balance of poetry and music requires…” (Köln-Bonn Musikkalender on the Lied Matinee “Die Natur im Spiegel der Romantik”)

“The warm and round voice of Karola Pavone captivated not only with its razor-sharp declamation; it also gave the impression of a very mature musicality… She proved to be a stylistic performer of Debussy, Wolf, and Schubert who is concerned not with easy emotion but rather with the entire world of her protagonists’ feelings that may be expressed vocally...” (Bonner Generalanzeiger, Liederabend, 2015)

From the very first art songs of Haydn and Mozart all the way to the contemporary Lied, Karola Pavone has developed a widely varied repertoire along with her frequent collaborators at the piano, Ainoa Padrón Ortiz (Spain) and Boris Radulovic (Serbia). The singer’s passion for the Kunstlied extends from before she began her formal studies, when she was preparing her first Liederabend programs with Austrian pianist Brigitta Neidl. In 2003, Karola Pavone was winner of the "Jugend musiziert" contest in the Kunstlied category. Her affinity and interest for this particular form of chamber music led her to continue her studies with KS Edith Mathis, Irwin Gage, Rudolf Jansen, and finally KS Olaf Bär and KS Robert Holl, with whose guidance she devoted herself to the Lieder of Franz Schubert.

She has won or been among the finalists of several international Lieder contests, including Das Lied in Berlin and the International Brahms Contest in Pörtschach (with Ainoa Padrón). In 2015, along with Boris Radulovic, she won the International Lied Duet Contest Rhine-Ruhr, whose jury was headed by Norman Shetler. In the same year she and Ainoa Padrón took home 2nd Prize and the Special Award for the Interpretation of Contemporary Lieder at the Cantando-Parlando Lieder Contest. 
At the 2014 Festival Vocallis in Vaals, Netherlands, Pavone and her frequent collaborator , Pianist Ainoa Padrón were awarded the Lied Prize. They performed in a Liederabend there again in November 2015. Also in the 2015/16 season, Pavone and pianist Boris Radulovic are scheduled to give a Liederabend at the prestigious Lieder series “Im Zentrum Lied” in Cologne. In May 2017 they will perform in a concert for the "Rising Stars"-Program of  "International Lied Festival" in Zeist, Netherlands.

Along with the well-loved German Lieder repertoire, in which Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Hugo Wolf, and of course Franz Schubert enjoy pride of place, Karola Pavone is passionately interested in the 20th-century works of underrepresented art song composers such as August Bungert, Ottorino Respighi, Reynaldo Hahn, and many others.